Sunday, May 29, 2005

All My Handspun

See my pics of my handspun. I finially got a bunch done up and decided to wash and set twist. I have been wanting to make something and can hardly wait to get to it. Colors in bowl are pretty accurate but really is a bit brighter in life. Bill and all were gone this morning so I took advantage and decided to see what I can do about getting it hung to dry. Hanging --- from left to right is actual order of it having been spun. looks cloudy out so am hoping it will dry before we get rain. If not, I have discovered that this pole (from paint extender) will hang at angle over shower tub unit in extra bathroom so it can dry in house.I would of just put it in bathroom but with Jean home I hate to tie it up so she can't use it, she would definitely be screeching at me.
I am working on some red, black and silver blend of Merino/Tussah and then I also have some unidentified fiber in a turquoise color. Just to play with. will see what happens.


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